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Giáo án Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 4: ASEAN and Viet Nam


By the end of this lesson, Ss will be able to:

1. Knowledge

– Gain an overview about the topic ASEAN and Vietnam.

– Gain vocabulary to talk about AYVP.

– Get to know the language aspects: Gerunds as subjects and objects.

2. Competences

– Develop communication skills and creativity.

– Be collaborative and supportive in pair work and teamwork.

– Actively join in class activities.

3. Personal qualities

– Understand the importance of international cooperation.

– Develop self-study skills.


– Grade 11 textbook, Unit 4, Getting Started

– Computer connected to the Internet

– Projector / TV/ pictures and cards        


1. WARM-UP (5 mins)

a. Objectives:

– To stir up the atmosphere and activate students’ knowledge on the topic of ASEAN.

– To set the context for the listening and reading part.

– To enhance students’ skills of cooperating with teammates.

b. Content:

– Map quiz: Guessing the countries.

c. Expected outcomes:

– Students can have an overview of ASEAN.

d. Organisation



Map quiz

– Teacher shows the shape of the countries.

– Ss work in 4 groups. Each group raises their hands to take turns and guess what country it is. The team gains a bonus with every correct answer.

– The team with the highest points is the winner.

Lists of countries:

● Vietnam

● Brunei

● Cambodia

● Thailand

● Laos 

● Malaysia

● Philippines

● Singapore

● Myanmar

● Indonesia

e. Assessment

– Teacher observes the groups and gives feedback.


a. Objectives:

– To get students to learn vocabulary related to the topic.

b. Content:

– Pre-teach vocabulary related to the content of the dialogue.

c. Expected outcomes:

– Students can use key language more appropriately before they read.

d. Organisation 



Vocabulary pre-teaching

– Teacher introduces the vocabulary.

– Teacher explains the meaning of the new vocabulary by pictures.

– Teacher checks the students’ understanding.

– Teacher reveals that these words will appear in the reading text and asks students to open their textbook to discover further.

New words:

1. Apply (v)

2. Community (n)

3. Contribution (n)

4. Volunteer (v)




Tài liệu có 60 trang, trên đây trình bày tóm tắt 4 trang của Giáo án Tiếng Anh 11 Global Success Unit 4: ASEAN and Viet Nam.

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