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Bài tập Tiếng Anh 9 Unit 2: Clothing

I. Choose the word in each line that has different stress pattern.


A. casual

B. convenient

C. designer

D. embroider


A. fashionable

B. rivalry

C. encourage

D. logical


A. poem

B. champagne

C. label

D. novel


A. inspiration

B. economic

C. situation

D. material


A. impress

B. comic

C. cotton

D. baggy

Đáp án:

6 – A; 7 – C; 8 – B; 9 – D; 10 – A;


II. Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the other.


A. worry

B. sorry

C. dog

D. doctor


A. hoped

B. asked

C. received

D. washed


A. about

B. sound

C. young

D. account


A. invited

B. ticket

C. pick

D. circus


A. place

B. jam

C. face

D. take

Đáp án:

1 – A; 2 – C; 3 – C; 4 – D; 5 – D; 5 – B;

III. Find the one choice that best completes the sentence.

11. Now fashion ______ want to change the traditional Ao dai.

A. makers

B. workers

C. designers

D. dressers

12. The word “Jeans” comes from a kind of ______ that was made in Europe.

A. substance

B. form

C. element

D. material

13. In the 18th century Jean cloth was made completely from ______

A. rubber

B. leather

C. cotton

D. nylon

14. In the 1980s jeans finally became high fashion clothing______ of jeans went up and up.

A. Sales

B. Buying

C. Selling

D. Making

15. Today young generation______ wearing jeans.

A. likes

B. enjoys

C. is font of

D. all A, B and C

16. The material used to make jeans was very ______ and it didn’t wear out easily.

A. hardly

B. difficult

C. strong

D. solid

17. My uncle is a seaman. He usually away on voyages.

A. fisher

B. sailor

C. worker

D. boatman

18. Some designers have ______ the Ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it.

A. modernized

B. introduced

C. made

D. increased

19. He may be from a rich family. His clothes look very modern and ______ .

A. old

B. fashionable

C. cheap

D. inexpensive

20. Wearing uniforms help students feel ______ in many ways.

A. the same

B different

C. unequal

D. equal

21. Wearing casual clothes gives students ______ of choice of colors and styles.

A. comfortable

B. liking

C. freedom

D. convenient

22. I ______ in the same company since I left school.

A. work

B. worked

C. have worked

D. had worked

23. Greeting cards are big business in Britain. Millions of cards______ every year.

A. is sent

B. are sent

C. have been sent

D. has been sent

24. It was careless______ not to lock the gate.

A. of he

B. for him

C. of him

D. from him

25. During the last couple of years they______ very happy.

A. haven’t been

B. weren’t

C. aren’t

D. didn’t

26. Nowadays Jeans ______ all over the world.

A. is sold

B. are sold

C. sold

D. sell

27. Lan feels sick. She wishes she ______ so many cakes.

A. didn’t eat

B. doesn’t eat

C. ate

D. hadn’t eaten

28. When I was young. I used to ______ to school by my mother.

A. be taken

B. being taken

C. take

D. taking

29. Modern patterns______ to the Ao dai to make it more fashionable.

A. has been added

B. have been added

C. are added

D. added

30. In the 18th century jeans ______ very popular. Only workmen ______ them.

A. were/ wear

B. weren’t / wore

C. haven’t been/ wore

D. have been/ wear

31. Jeans have never been out of fashion, jeans______ by young people all over the world.

A. is liked

B. was liked

C. being liked

D. are liked

32. For the time being he______ busy______ a new novel.

A. is/ writing

B. was to write

C. is/ to write

D. was/ writing

33. ______ all over the world, English has become the international language.

A. Speaking

B. Spoken

C. Speak

D. Being speaking

34. Mr. Johnson can’t use his office at the moment. It ______.

A. is redecorated

B. has redecorated

C. is being redecorated

D. was redecorated

35. A tree was lying across the road. it______ down in the storm.

A. is blown

B. was blown

C. is being blown

D. has been blown

36. That church looks very old. When ______?

A. is it built

B. has it been built

C. was it built

D. did it built

37. ______, after trying three times, he passed the driving test.

A. Lastly

B. Last of all

C. Last

D. At last

38. Tom is late for class again. He______ punished by his teacher.

A. would be

B. could be

C. will be

D. has been

39. A lot of guests ______, but few came.

A. was expected

B. have been expected

C. expected

D. were expected

40. Write to me and tell me all ______ your holiday in France.

A. of

B. about

C. for

D. with

41. The wall of the room was made______ thick glass.

A. by

B. off

C. in

D. of

42. I’ve been learning English______ five years.

A. for

B. since

C. in

D. at

43. He said he met you once in Paris last year. ______ him since?

A. Have you seen

B. Had you seen

C. Did you see

D. Were you seen

44. She often wishes that she ______ a bicycle.

A. can ride

B. can rode

C. could ride

D. could rode

45. ” You are late”, She said, ” I think the bus______ already.”

A. went

B. was going

C. goes

D. has gone

Đáp án:

11 – C; 12 – D; 13 – C; 14 – A; 15 – D;

16 – C; 17 – B; 18 – A; 19 – B; 20 – D;

21 – C; 22 – C; 23 – B; 24 – C; 25 – A;

26 – B; 27 – D; 28 – A; 29 – B; 30 – B;

31 – D; 32 – D; 33 – B; 34 – C; 35 – B;

36 – C; 37 – D; 38 – C; 39 – D; 40 – B;

41 – D; 42 – A; 43 – A; 44 – C; 45 – D;

IV. Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.

46. Can you tell (A) me when (B) penicillin is (C) discovered? – In (D) 1928.

47. When my brother went to (A) work in the city (B) library, he became (C) interesting (D) in books.

48. There was (A) so many (B) traffic that it took (C) me an hour to get (D) to the office.

49. Are (A) you accustomed (B) to live (C) in a big city yet (D)?

50. My uncle wishes (A) he didn’t waste (B) time when (C) he was (D) young.

51. We had to (A) use (B) the stairs because (C) the elevator was out order (D).

52. He has worked (A) for (B) the same company since (C) he leaves (D) school.

53. Do you know (A) “Farad”, a unit (B) in electricity is (C) named after (D) Faraday?

54. The girl was last (Asaw (B) wearing (C) a pink dress and brown shoes (D).

55. For the time being (A) he was writing (B) a new novel which is a science fiction.

Đáp án:

46. c ( -> was); 47 – d (-> interested); 48 – b ( ->much);

49 – c ( -> living); 50 – b ( -> hadn’t); 51 – d (-> out of order);

52 – d ( -> left); 53 – c ( -> was); 54 – b ( ->seen); 55 – b ( -> is writing);

V. Read the following passage and choose the best answer.

We don’t only choose clothes to make us look (56)______, we also use them to tell the world (57)______ our personality. The clothes we wear and our (58) ______ as a whole give other people useful information about what we think (59)______ we feel. If we feel cheerful, we usually wear (60) ______ clothes and if we feel (61) ______ we sometimes put on dark clothes. But why do teenagers wear black so(62)______? Is it because they feel miserable all (63)______? This is unlikely to be the case. It is probably just because it is (64)______ to wear black, and young people they are real fans of (65)______.

56. A. attract

B. attractive

C. attractively

D. attraction

57. A. of

B. with

C. by

D. about

58. A. appear

B. appearance

C. appeared

D. appearing

59. A. which

B. what

C. how

D. when

60. A. colorful

B. colors

C. colorfully

D. colorless

61. A. depress

B. depressed

C. depressing

D. depression

62. A. frequent

B. frequency

C. frequently

D. frequents

63. A. the time

B. the day

C. the week

D. the month

64. A. fashion

B. fashionable

C. fashioner

D. fashioned

65. A. fashion

B. fashionable

C. fashioner

D. fashioned

Đáp án:

56 – B; 57 – D; 58 – B; 59 – D; 60 – A;

61 – B; 62 – D; 63 – A; 64 – B; 65 – A;

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